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Our mission is to reinvent ecommerce and build world-class companies.

Who are we?

Innonic is the first Startup Studio in Debrecen. Our current projects include:
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We’re continuously looking for new colleagues who are interested in conquering the world with us.

What is a Startup Studio?

We believe that a Startup Studio is the best model to build successful global startups.
Building multiple startups simultaneously. Our projects learn from each other’s successes (and failures).
Shared backoffice team (HR-Finance) ensures that startups can focus on business and not on administration. They also receive business partner services. We are building teams at Debrecen, Budapest and remotely.
We have a versatile portfolio: startups with 100% Innonic Ownership, there are startups that funded by VCs, and in some cases we play the external Investor role.

The Innonic Way

Get an insight into our methodology how we develop startups simultaneously!
















Our Core Values

Beliefs that guide our decisions and inspire us to be...
Always keep improving
Study continuously, since learning never ends. The more we know the more we feel how much we do not know.
Wow your customer
Constantly strive to deliver the best product for our customers with the highest level of service. Make every customer interaction positive and memorable.
Look at every idea, project or initiative with an open mind. Don't be afraid to try new things, and seek for better solutions.
Sweep the floor
Never feel that any work is "beneath you" or that you are "too cool" to take on a task. Be humble and modest, let your actions speak for you.
Owner mentality
Take a proactive approach to making things better. If you find a mistake, fix it; even if it's not "your job".
Mutual respect
We don't tolerate bullies. Be fair to others and give them the same respect you would ask for yourself.
Enjoy the game
"Work" and "fun" don't have to be mutually exclusive. Build a happy workplace where we can all be ourselves and work together to accomplish our goals.
Our awards!

Our team

Our team consists of enthusiastic and talented young professionals. All others are not allowed. :)
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Innonic Internship Program

  • Paid internship
  • Long-term career opportunity
  • International knowledge
  • Can be done whilst studying at university
10+1 reasons to work for us

1. Be a part of a global success story

We have already got several successful products. In the next few years, we’ll be launching more startups and you can be part of a global success story too – not only figuratively, but literally, as an owner. We have great goals and we’ve proven that it’s possible to build successful startups right here in Hungary.

2. Award winning Startup studio

We won several awards in the last years. We are proud that we were chosen to be the Business of the Year (Turnover €0-25M) by the European Business Awards.

In 2018 we won a Founder of the Year, Startup of the Year and a Best Incubator/Accelerator program of the Year awards at the European Startup awards. You can check them at the awards section.


3. Work with cutting-edge technologies

Gain experience in cool and modern programming languages. In our projects, we work with the latest platforms and best practices used by the biggest global startups. We’re flexible about the technology you use. We even go a step further and actively encourage you to try new and different platforms, because we believe that’s the best way to learn.

4. See the meaning in your work

Our focus is on creating softwares that are used by people in small and medium-sized businesses just like we are. We enjoy daily contact with people who use our products and we get to share their happiness and success. You’ll see thousands or millions of people using your software firsthand and you can be proud of what you’ve created.

5. Young and talented team

We’re seeking vibrant and talented people who want to be part of the next global success story. We work with motivated people only. Since we are in the world of Internet and startups, it’s no surprise that the majority of our team members are young, an average colleague is 27 years old.

6. Maximum support for your personal development

We recognize the importance of personal development and support the growth of everyone at Innonic. You can spend up to 10% of your working hours focused solely on learning. In addition to our internal training and presentations, you can go to professional conferences for free, we’ll buy any book you want, and we’ll pay for an English teacher and even a coach for you. Our internal training program, Innonic Academy, gives you practical and international expertise. We also hold 15-20 presentations yearly on a variety of topics by seasoned experts.

7. Outstanding benefits

We’d like you to know that we are the best choice financially in the long run. Do we offer the most competitive salary? Nope. We admit that the basic salary we offer is competitive, but not outstanding (though with our benefits, we can say it’s outstanding). Then why join us? Because you can be a co-owner of the startup you launch through a stock option plan. If your project is successful, it can make you rich. How much money will you make? It depends on the success of your startup.

8. Have fun…

We can only make the best of ourselves when we have fun. We strive to enjoy our work, and keep a friendly and professional atmosphere. We also like to take a break from the rhythm of work through team building events, simply going out for dinner or to grab some drinks. We have team building events every month and you can join a book clubs, movie nights as well. Plus, each year we take a 3-day wellness weekend together.

9. Free laptop and mobile phone

Perhaps this is a small detail, but we believe attention to small details makes a big difference. We’ll provide you with a professional notebook including every essential accessory you need to use it as a work tool, and you’ll also get a mobile phone that you can use without limitations for personal use.

10. Flexible workplace

Even though Innonic is growing at a fast pace, we still care about having the agility and flexibility of smaller workplaces. We have flexible working hours and you can work from home if you want to. By working when we’re in the flow and recognizing each other’s workplace needs, we perform better and have more fun working together.

10+1. Well being and health package

Our corporate masseur is available free of charge to help you relax after a hard-working day.  Also, you can join a well known local gym and we will provide you vitamins and fruits.

Where are we?

Our office can be found on the edge of Debrecen at the 3rd floor of the Kassai Office Center. (address: 4028 Debrecen Kassai út 129. 3rd floor)

Why Debrecen?

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